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Stock Optimisation for the Railway Industry

Increase Fleet Availability and Decrease Stock Investment with OBUU Advanced Optimisation Technology.

OBUU is the only stock optimisation integral solution, that can optimise stocks of:

  • - Spare Parts or Line Replaceable Units (LRUs)
  • - Aircraft Specific Tools or Ground Support Equipment (GSEs)
  • - Consumable Items or Disposable Units (DUs)

OBUU offers its team of experienced engineers in the field of logistics to provide comprehensive consultancy services. In collaboration with technical staff and management, OBUU will be able to further understand the Rail Industry, and adapt the technology and expertise adquired in the Aerospace and the Military, to obtain positive measurable results, with a minimum impact on the overall production.

The main aim of OBUU, is to expand and take its state of the art optimisation technology, to all the industries that use complex technical systems, such as high speed trains, as the means to create a profit. The Railway industry is very similar to the Aerospace, but with a very wide range of peculiarites, making it an incredibly complex maintenance environment, and that is where OBUU can produce the best results.

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OBUU also offers a full software suite; OBUU Calcul and OBUU Simulation.

A stock logistics optimisation software suite, based on maintenance expertise and the mentioned mathematical research, all together with the experience gathered from the consultancy services offered, and the needs identified by the industry leaders.

A user friendly interface, developed using advanced Ui/Ux techniques, with the feedback of industrial partners with real needs, guarantees minimum training to obtain the best optimization results.

In addition to all this, OBUU offers a group of expert engineers to solve any further queries, and to assure the best results interpretation, thanks to its technical advisory center.

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Using OBUU, we can analyse the organisation’s structure to provide the following:

  • - Logistics Supply Chain Efficiency
  • - Current Stock Performance
  • - Current Fleet Availability
  • - Current Risk of Shortage
  • - Identification of Low Performing Logistic Processes

OBUU can then use its advanced optimization technologies, to perform simulations of different scenarios over a selected period of time to obtain results on the following aspects:

  • - Optimsed Stock Levels for the designed Fleet
  • - Stock Level Comparison between the Current Stock and the Optimized Stock Levels
  • - Optimisation of Stock for a whole Fleet, no matter the types of Trains or its Configurations
  • - Optimisation of Critical Part-Numbers
  • - Apply Buy or Rent Policies for the needed Stock according to the Fleet needs
  • - Create Optimized Initial Provisioning list (IPLs) Fully Customized to the Operating Fleet
  • - Perform “What If” Analyses depending on the different Future Scenarios Forseen
  • - And much more…