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Stock Optimisation for the Other Industries

Consumable Item Stock Optimisation - Increase Stock Availability and Decrease Investment for Virtually ANY Stock.

OBUU, thanks to its state of the art optimisation solutions, is also able to target non-complex logistics organisation, thanks to its Consumable Items Stock Optimisation.

This way, OBUU takes Aerospace Technology and Complex Statistical Models, and makes them available to vistually any stock that sells consumable items, and that has a minimum stock control, has Stock KPIs such as, storage cost, unit price and demand rate.

This solutions is incredibly flexible, and is aimed at big and small businesses alike, with the need to improve their stock performance and optimise investment costs:

  • - Textile Industry
  • - Construction Industry
  • - Super Markets
  • - Department Stores
  • - Big Retailers
  • - Suppliers
  • - Etc. 

Increase Fleet Availability and Decrease Stock Investment with OBUU Advanced Optimisation Technology.

OBUU is the only stock optimisation integral solution, that can optimise stocks of:

  • - Spare Parts or Line Replaceable Units (LRUs)
  • - Aircraft Specific Tools or Ground Support Equipment (GSEs)
  • - Consumable Items or Disposable Units (DUs)

This optimisation can be applied to any complex multi-echelon logistics organisations. These organisations use highly complex technical systems as their main source of income, and these systems need to have a minimum level of availability in order to maintain this profit. It is here where OBUU can, analyse the specific problems, perfrom a series of logistics simulations, and obtain the best results. This can also be applied to other industries such as:

  • - Naval Industry
  • - Automotive Industry
  • - Manufacturing Industry
  • - Oil & Gas
  • - Etc.