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Stock Optimisation for the Space Mission

Orbit Repleceable Units (ORU's) Optimisation with OBUU Advanced Optimisation Technology.

OBUU is the only stock optimisation integral solution, that can optimise stocks of:

  • - Orbit Line Replaceable Units (ORUs)
  • - Orbit Specific Tools 
  • - Consumable Items or Disposable Units (DUs)

OBUU can then use its advanced optimization technologies, to perform simulations of different scenarios over a selected period of time to obtain results on the following aspects:

  • - Optimsed Stock Levels for a specific mission or mission duration
  • - Optimised Initial Provisioning Lists to meet:
    • - Budget Limitations
    • - Payload Limitations
    • - Storage space limitations
  • - Optimisation of Critical Part-Numbers
  • - Life Extension Analyses to ensure Continuous Operability
  • - Determine Max System Utilisation Factor to ensure availability until re-supply
  • - "What if" Analyses to study possible scenarios and create risk mitigation strategies
  • - And much more...